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Master your addiction, master your life with the powerful Dennis Berry

October 20, 2020

EPISODE – Dennis Berry


Dennis Berry is a Certified Life Coach for Addiction Recovery and Life Mastery in Colorado, USA, but has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years. With modern technology, he can work with anybody anywhere via Zoom.
His expertise is in Addiction Recovery for men and he has first-hand experience as he has been clean and sober since April 2003. Through his journey in sobriety and recovery, it helped define his mission in life, which is to help others on their journey to achieve inner peace and success in every area of their lives. 



  • Dennis identified quite early on with his life that his coping mechanism to help with worry and anxiety revolved around drinking.
  • After a difficult incident with cocaine while he was younger, he went into rehab and has been clean ever since.
  • Self-love is the best way to overcome addiction and Dennis speaks more on this.
  • Dennis talks about the importance of coaching.
  • Contentment, and self-love is Dennis’s definition of happiness.
  • Meditation is how Dennis starts his day.
  • Dennis likes good food; exercise and his fantasy meal would be filet mignon.
  • Bob Marley, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela would be at Dennis’s fantasy dinner party.
  • Finding our purpose is to be of service and to help each other according to Dennis.


  • The Happiest Man on Earth – Eddie Jaku
  • The Tao of Happiness – Chuang Tzu


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