Get Happy Hour

Bringing more joy into your everyday with me Carla Maree

June 30, 2020

EPISODE – Carla – solo episode, finding more joy



  • How can we bring more joy in our every day?
  • Are you happy? What can you do o shake up your day?
  • What brings you joy?
  • What do you do to bring more gratitude in your life?
  • Carla talks about her morning routine. Waking up, saying thank you three times and starts her meditation followed by affirmations. She makes her green juice and teaches her yoga. She returns, picks up her dog and heads to the beach listening to a podcast. Followed by a jump in the ocean.
  • Lunchtime is a coffee in the sunshine with a good book.
  • Cooking and doing things that bring joy is how she spends the rest of her day.
  • Carla write her manifestations and aspirations and her gratitude on a little note in a box to add up then at the end of the year checks to see her progress.
  • Carla encourages us to make our own list.
  • Carla takes us through a breath awareness mindfulness exercise.


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