Get Happy Hour

Use Your Inner Mind to Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted with Kimberley Friedmutter

August 6, 2019



Kimberly is a former model and actress, in such films as Evil Obsession, Time Under Fire, A Match Made in Heaven, The Russian Godfather, and Elvis is Alive! She has also appeared in television programs, including Entertainment Tonight, CNN, FOX, TLC, BBC, The Doctors, Bethanny, Private Chefs of Beverley Hills, Art Breakers, Silk Stalkings, L.A. Heat, Lateline, and hosted a hit talk show on the Howard Stern station in Los Angeles.




  • Kimberly sees the joy in seeing happiness in other people and seeing people stand in their alignment light her up.
  • Kimberly’s book is about alignment, channel, to create and dream, and have these intuitive circumstances that allow things to manifest.
  • She used hypnosis and NLP as a way of helping her as a practitioner and to hold herself accountable while she was on the radio show.
  • Kimberly talks about reviewing your relationships and creating inner, middle and outer circles and realising where their energy sits.
  • Kimberly talks about lack and drought in terms of dealing with circumstances
  • Kimberly’s definition of happiness is about contentment and being in a drama-free zone and being in a moment of stillness.
  • Kimberly gives herself at least an hour to relax and play with her dogs in the morning.
  • Hypnosis and weight-loss are discussed and thinking of your mind as a conductor and your body is the train.
  • Kimberly’s non-negotiable thing that she doesn’t do without is doing exercise
  • She discusses fantasy dinner dates and what makes Kimberly laugh which are animal videos.
  • Her gratitude practice is to thank God every day



  • The Gift of Fear – Gavin de Becker
  • Subconscious Power – Kimberly Friedmutter