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Time to refresh your thinking with Katrena Friel

April 6, 2020


Katrena Friel provides a customised, very individual solution for you to build the business of your dreams, make you a superstar in your field of excellence, while ensuring we address specific emotional challenges, woman face in business.

Katrena Friel is a master in public speaking, entrepreneurial leadership, business strategy, helping her clients craft their unique message, incorporating business development, while becoming a best-selling author, and ensure you can facilitate transformational retreats and events around the world, just like Katrena has done for over 2 decades.

Discover how to become an expert in your field of excellence and make your soul purpose a reality. 

Come along and receive your FREE Business Strategy Session to discuss your secret dreams with someone that can make them a reality.

Katrena is the "HOW" you have been waiting for.








  • Katrena learnt a $30,000 lesson and talks about how this is the starting point for her going into the coaching field herself.
  • Katrena works with businesses that have been stuck in a stalemate and the other ones are the start-ups
  • Lack of confidence, lack of assertiveness, perfectionism are inhibiting women’s growth in business and life according to Katrena.
  • Katrena believes that happiness is a state instead of a goal and so is searching for peace because happiness will be the by-product.
  • Katrena talks about extraversion and introversion.
  • Katrena starts her morning with a gentle start in the morning and takes her dog for a walk at the week.
  • Chinatown seafood laksa is Katrena's favorite food.
  • Katrena talks about gender roles and the rise of women.
  • Fresh air, walking the dog, and being in nature is Katrena's non-negotiable
  • Prince, David Bowie, Oprah and Carla herself would be Katrena fantasy dinner guests.
  • What makes Katrena laugh are surprises, and jokes
  • Katrena's gratitude practice is being in flow state and appreciating the beauty around you.


  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad

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