Get Happy Hour

The power of plastic and how one man (Kieran De Visser) is on a mission to make a difference

October 1, 2019


“Our guest today Kieren Devisser is a plant based endurance athlete and the founder of Endurothon Oz. In 2020, Kieren will be running, cycling and kayaking 25,000 kilometres across some of Australia’s toughest terrain in attempt to raise $1M to save our oceans from plastic pollution. At the age of 16, he rode solo from Uluru to Melbourne to raise money for cancer council Victoria. Now at the age of 22, he has overcome being homeless and is making his way to tackling one of the biggest man-made environmental crisis. His aim isn’t only to raise $1M but also to help decrease plastic pollution entering our oceans from the Australian mainland by 50%.



  • Kieran has spent this whole life being surrounded by sport. At 16 he took part on his bike ride from Uluru to Melbourne
  • After the bike ride, he finished year 12 and spent 2 years in hospitality and went to Queensland to start his next phase of life. Things didn’t work out and they were in survival mode living on $2 a day. As a way of grounding he would walk along the beach and then see the plastic pollution on the beach. This led him to delve in deeper into this.
  • There are 46,000 bits of plastic floating in the ocean in every square mile and this figure is set to rise. Kieran explains that it degrades to miniscule particles that are catastrophic for marine life.
  • Plastic pollution kills 3000 marine animals every day and starting to raise awareness is the first step.
  • Progression, gratitude, passion, meditation, looking after your body, and choosing to be positive is what Kieran believes happiness is
  • Nature is one of the things that makes Kieran happy, waking up next to his fiancé makes his heart smile
  • His favourite food is a parmigiana with sweet potato fries or a snickers smoothie bowl.
  • Training and exercising is his non-negotiable activity to do daily and is the most effective thing people can do for their health as well as eating more vegetables
  • Kieran’s Dad is his number 1 motivator and also an owner of a winery who inspires him
  • Bicycle by Queen would be his theme song
  • Warren Buffet, Gary Vanyerchuk and Kieran’s fiancé would be his fantasy dinner date
  • The things that make Kieran laugh out loud are really bad Dad jokes!
  • Kieran’s gratitude practice is repeating what he’s grateful for
  • Kieran discusses the top 5 things people can do to help the environment every day



  • The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People – Steven Covey
  • 10X - Grant Cardone
  • Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • How to talk to anyone - Leil Lowndes