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How your light environment is impacting your physical and mental health with the incredible Andy Mant

December 10, 2019



Andy Mant is the founder and CEO of BLUblox, a company specializing in evidence based advanced light filtering eyewear. Andy started BLUblox after becoming dissatisfied with the quality and standards of blue light blocking glasses available and so set about to design lenses that match the evidence in the academic literature. Andy was born in the UK and moved to Australia in 2011. Not long after, Andy found himself gaining a lot of weight, struggling with chronic fatigue, and constantly lacking energy. Traditional dietary approaches only worked to a certain degree and after stumbling across light and its relation to the body, Andy forged a passion and niche in how light can impact the human biological system. Today Andy is a leading figure in how light can affect our health and wellbeing. Through BLUblox, he and his team have developed scientifically-backed advanced light filtering eyewear, that is not being mass produced from a factory in China, but rather their bespoke lenses are manufactured and fitted in Australia, ensuring that each pair is infused with love, care and quality. Andy has utilized his acquired expertise on light and health to educate on the podcasts he has been on. Education is Andy’s number one objective and his previous podcast appearances have not been pitches for his products, but educational content to help empower listeners to create a better light environment and a better life. BLUblox is a brand that truly believes in giving. Through their not-for-profit partnership with Restoring vision they are helping give the gift of sight to those in need with their buy one donate one glasses campaign.



  • Andy is the founder of a company called Blublox a company that creates spectacles that filters out blue and green light to help with improving sleep to increase the amount of melatonin produced.
  • Andy had fun creating the products in the optics lab combining it with the peer reviewed studies to educate patients about the dangers of artificial light.
  • Andy talks about the importance of getting deep, restorative sleep that requires melatonin and talks about the importance of that compared to taking the tablets.
  • His products have helped athletes, entrepreneurs and even mums and dads to help with bringing up children.
  • Blue light is found in two sources - digital devices such as mobiles, tvs, car headlights and the other source is the sun. Some blue light is required to help with increasing your cortisol and serotonin. Blue light can cause cellular damage however in the sun, there is red light that restores the damage but this isn’t present in the artificial blue light. When light passes through the eyes it governs the time it is and entrails your master clock. If you wake up and turn over when you wake up and look at the phone it will tell your brain that it is midday and you miss the morning energy frequency. After sunset, exposing yourself to blue light can keep your brain in a state of wakefulness. This will affect your hormones and circadian rhythms in the future and can be link to chronic conditions like cardiovascular conditions, mental disorders and diabetes for example.
  • Getting natural light into your system in the morning, lunchtime and sunset can help with keeping levels maintained and to give a natural energetic boost when required.
  • Flux and Iris available online can add more red light and reduce then blue light in laptops and computer screens. Himalayan salt lamps near your work station can help. Wearing yellow frequency glasses and keeping an eye on your thyroid can help; even wrapping a silk scarf to prevent then blue light from damaging cells in the thyroid which is the hormonal hub.
  • Animals are also our predecessors for being around this natural light to help.
  • Andy talks about the importance of not wearing sunglasses during the day as they are so dark and can mimic night time.
  • The best thing to do is to assess your natural light exposure and watching the sunrise and blue blocking glasses after sunset is going to help your overall sleep.
  • Andy’s happiness is defined by gratitude and challenges.
  • He spends every morning watching the sunrise and practising mindfulness meditation.
  • The top three sings that make his heart sing are his wife, waking up watching the sunrise and practising mindfulness; and getting emails from people that require his help and receiving their gratitude is overwhelmingly wonderful for him to receive.
  • His fantasy food would be pizza
  • Andy’s all time favourite book is Sapiens and Evolution of mankind. Four hour work week by Tim Ferriss. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.
  • The things that is non negotiable for Andy to do is sunrise, mindfulness and manifestation for his daily routine. His manifestation practice involves immersion and for example he and his wife want to live at the ocean so they go to neighbourhoods three to four times a week and imagine what it would be like to be going “home”.
  • The best thing that Andy recommends people can do for their health is to environment, diet, exercise, sleep and mindset.
  • His fantasy dinner guests would be Tom Bilyeau, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, and Tim Ferriss.
  • His theme tune would be The Great Escape theme tune.
  • Good British comedy - Michael McIntyre, Ricky Gervais are his things that make him laugh
  • Andy keeps a gratitude journal to help with keeping those thank you moments special to him and keep the positive vibrations up.
  • How we can help Andy is to tell one person about this podcast or about light and that person can tell someone else because Andy’s message is about empowerment and education.


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