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How to switch on your brain and create a epic mindset with neuroscientist Caroline Leaf

April 22, 2019


Dr. Caroline Leaf is a neuroscientist, mental health & mind expert, bestselling author, and speaker with a Masters and PhD in Communication Pathology and a BSc Logopaedics. Her work goes beyond mindfulness and the ‘quick fixes’ of the current mental health system; since the early 1980’s, she has researched the mind-brain connection, the nature of mental health, and the formation of memory. She was one of the first in her field to study how the brain can change (neuroplasticity) with directed mind input. Dr. Leaf teaches at academic, medical, and neuroscience conferences to various audiences around the world. She was selected as an advisor on a mental health initiative committee for the White House. She is the author of Think, Learn, Succeed, Switch On Your Brain, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, and The Perfect You, among many other books and journal articles. She has helped hundreds of thousands of students and adults learn how to use their mind to detox and grow their brain to succeed in every area of their lives, including school, university and the workplace. Her podcast, Dr. Caroline Leaf Podcast, has been rated #31 on iTunes’ top Health podcasts.



Welcome to this week’s episode’s featuring Dr Caroline Leaf:

  • Caroline has had a fascination since she was a young girl to understand how the brain works with respect to the mind-body connection. Her work has taken her to work in Africa and war-torn areas.
  • She has written several books and now uses her time in her clinical practice.
  • Is mis-management of mental health on the rise or mental health on the rise? Here, Caroline discusses.
  • She talks about the issue of creating a safe space to talk about mental health
  • Caroline talks about forming, analysing, re-conceptualising habits over a course of 63 days rather than the 21 day habit-forming paradigm
  • Caroline talks about how affirmations can used for a positive change and discusses how it can be classed as a band-aid too.
  • Multi-tasking vs single tasking is discussed and Caroline says the science says we’re built to tackle one thing at a time and then that in itself creates a habit.
  • Caroline talks about the impact of social media and mental health and it’s not a case of just limiting use in children but leading by example as parents, elders etc to limit their time on smartphones
  • “Mind-wandering” can help with creative thoughts so having a break for 15 minutes through the day can help
  • “We can be so connected that we disconnect” – spending that quality time with someone is so meaningful because loneliness is the biggest killer in world because we are not designed to be alone.
  • Caroline believes happiness comes from a sense of identity and purpose.
  • Caroline’s routine involves a strong black coffee, detoxing and brain-building activities
  • Caroline’s top things that bring her joy is her work which is happily satisfying and her family
  • Her favourite last meal would be an organic kale salad.
  • Her non-negotiable thing she couldn’t do without is enjoying her infra-red sauna or winding down with some TV to relax the mind.
  • Controlling the mind is the biggest thing Caroline believes people can do for their health because ultimately the mind controls the body.
  • Understanding the power of the mind and choice is a way of dealing with challenging times especially if you can make it work for you.
  • Caroline’s fantasy dinner party guests include a quantum physicist, a mathematician, and a philosopher/theologian who she has been in admiration of in her academic field.
  • Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On would be Caroline’s theme song.
  • The things that make Carline laugh include her family – kids and the dogs.
  • Gratitude is a practice is part of optimism bias and is Caroline’s awareness helps her with her gratitude mindset.
  • Reaching out to others is the thing listeners can do because changing what you think can ultimately change humanity and change the world.



  • Think, Learn, Succeed, Switch On Your Brain, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, and The Perfect You- Dr Caroline Leaf