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How to have more joy in your everyday with the fun expert Michael Rucker

October 29, 2019



Dr. Mike Rucker is a charter member of the International Positive Psychology Association, as well as a member of the American Psychological Association. Mike is a frequent contributor to national press such as Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and CIO on topics related to well-being. Mike has spent the last few years studying the construct of fun and is coming out with a book on the subject in the summer of 2020. He has also published in peer-reviewed journals covering topics from employee well-being to ethics.



  • Mike started off as an entrepreneur about 20 years ago and got introduced to academic professors of positive psychology and started using gratitude as a positive discipline.
  • Mike suffered some setbacks a few years ago and was in despair and tried to use his tools of gratitude to pull him out but found himself deviated towards finding fun as part of a daily practice.
  • Fun stands for adding not too much context to whatever we are doing and just finding the joy in it according to Mike.
  • Auditing your week could be a great example to see where fun can be implemented and create more opportunities for joy.
  • Creating opportunities around Mike’s children is an example of how he can create fun with her.
  • Creating opportunities to ensure Mike has date nights with his wife are a timely investment in maintaining connection.
  • Mike’s definition of happiness is showing or bringing pleasure or joy.
  • Mike starts his day early with his kids and starts with gratitude.
  • The top things that bring Mike joy in his life are creating art through content, hanging out with people that he loves water, and his animals.
  • Mike’s fantasy meal would be a burrito.
  • Mike’s non-negotiable would be extending loving kindness to others where an opportunity presents itself.
  • The best thing that people can do for their health is sleep.
  • Pharell’s Happy song would be his theme tune.
  • Mike listens to a lot of comedians and music on the radio to make him laugh.
  • Mike’s gratitude practice includes “paying it forward”, giving complements,


  • The Four Hour Week – Tim Ferress
  • Laughter – Robert Provine




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