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How to grow your network and build relationships the right way with Travis Chappell

April 9, 2019

Travis Chappell is a direct sales expert, entrepreneur, real estate investor, and  professional connector. He is the creator and host of Build Your Network, a Top 25 Business podcast dedicated to helping professionals cultivate genuine relationships, grow their inner circle, and leverage a powerful network the right way.


  • Travis started his journey into entrepreneurship as a young student as a 16 year old and learnt the value of customer relationships from a young age in his landscaping business.
  • He soon went into sales after college into solar industry, water industry and now is into podcasts
  • “Build your Network” is the name of Travis’s podcast and personal development stories are shared among his guests and learning about their successes.
  • Raising awareness, relationship building and cultivating those relationships on how to build better networks is Travis’s mission and identifies the typical networking types who are seen day-to-day
  • Fulfilment and joy that is a continuous feeling is Travis’s definition of happiness which comes from your contribution to the world
  • Forcing himself to smile and laugh is Travis’s first thing to do in the morning because he believes changing his physical state will lead to a change in an emotional sleep
  • Anytime Travis is able to accomplish something like booking some great guests and connect with them and being able to add value to those people and building collaborations, making people laugh; and the process of making money like the first $ he made in his various businesses have been the things that bring Travis joy
  • Travis is a big foodie and his favourite meal depends on his mood! Pizza, burgers, steak would be amongst the top
  • Travis is a big reader and audio book listener and is a fan of Blinkist
  • Drinking water, moving around instantly, splashing some cold water in the face, getting some sun/light in the body is a go to morning routine for Travis. A black coffee and a gratitude practice and affirmations then follows. Programming his subconscious will bring about more opportunities. Gym and ice cold shower follows and his ‘normal’ work routine starts after midday until he winds down at the evening.
  • The best thing that people can do for their health is drinking more water in Travis’s opinion. Hydrating the body properly will make your body work better in general too.
  • Travis’s fantasy dinner guests would be Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson
  • Travis’s theme song for life would be: “Legendary”
  • Watching comedies and stand-up and sitcoms is Travis’s go to for his happiness mood



  • Give and Take – Adam Grant



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