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How to feel more happiness from the inside out with the beautiful Fleur Chambers creator of the Happy Habit app

June 15, 2020



Fleur is mindfulness and meditation teacher who has supported over 600,000 people in 30 different countries feel happier from the inside out. 

She is the Creator of The Happy Habit app, a mediation app that helps busy people develop the habit of meditation, even when life feels unpredictable. 

Her app helps people grow a series of inner resources like calm, compassion, gratitude, perspective and purpose that we can use to make life feel easier, more enjoyable and meaningful. 

Fleur is on a mission to change the conversation about happiness, giving people permission to be happy even amidst the mistakes and regrets of the past, and the worries for the future. Happiness not in the form of smiles and laughter, but in the form of a deep sense of confidence, resilience and peace.

In her work Fleur has noticed that most of us are chasing happiness, telling ourselves we will be happy when we have more money or a more loving relationship. That we will be happy when we have quit sugar, lost a few kilos, landed that promotion or bought that new pair of jeans. 

In reality, this happiness is short lived as we just turn our attention to the next thing that could make us happy. And so, the cycle of chasing happiness continues. making us stressed, anxious and not satisfied with the life that is here for us right now.

Fleur has developed a framework “10 pathways to lasting happiness” to help people stop chasing happiness, and instead, to build a set of inner resources that we can draw upon everyday to experience wellbeing( even when life feels busy, unpredictable and messy.)

Fleur has been described as wise, funny and down-to-earth.

Fleur lives in Melbourne with her 3 boys, husband and dog Lucky.


Fleur Chambers is a certified meditation teacher and creator of The Happy Habit app. She holds a Master’s Degree in Professional Education and is a member of Meditation Australia.

Fleur has helped over 600,000 people in 30 countries alleviate daily stressors that block their path to happiness. Her signature “10 Pathways to Lasting Happiness” framework teaches people how to enjoy life amidst pressures and set-backs. 

In addition to The Happy Habit app and online courses, Fleur’s work has been featured in meditation apps from Australia, America, Denmark, India, and China. Her signature course “30 Days to Happiness” has been translated into Chinese. 

Fleur is an expert meditation teacher for 28 by Sam Wood, The Mindful Mum, Well Nourished, Ready for Change, and Playful Families.



  • Fleur had an awakening when she was a mother of 3 under 3 at 30 and tried to keep getting ahead and well planned, investing a lot of emotional and mental empathy but things came crashing down and she was told by her Mum that she needs to work on mindfulness. She continued on her journey, and how to have conversations about this for family and work. Four years ago, she wasn’t feeding her own compassion and was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. This meant that she had to pivot her business an then that led her to launch her app.
  • The Happy Habit App creates a space for people to see what make them happy and to challenge people to get into meditative practices.
  • Neurological pathways: awareness, calm, gratitude, connection, compassion, flexibility and perspective, acceptance, vitality, confidence - everyone has a pathway they want to walk. The app gives an outlet for people to self-medicate towards happiness.
  • Fleur takes us through a short meditation
  • Inner resources that you can draw on to make you feel great when the good times are here and more resilient when you are facing tougher times is Fleur’s definition of happiness.
  • Fleur starts her day saying “thank you” three times as she rises and grounds her feet in the floor, coupled with some breathing exercises and asking with open palms “what would you have me know?” She listens intuitively to direct her day.
  • The top things that make Fleur’s heart sing is bike-riding with her kids, no-lights no-lycra and dancing in the dark, and travel.
  • Japanese is her favourite food.
  • Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Fleur’s two best friends would be her fantasy dinner guests.
  • Downloading the app is the biggest thing people can do for their health.


  • Captain Corelli’s Mandolin


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