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Beauty without harm with the lovely Irene Liakos co- founder of Australian clean beauty brand Kadee Botanicals Skincare

May 18, 2020




Irene Liakos is the cofounder of Australian clean beauty brand Kadee Botanicals Skincare. Kadee Botanicals believe in beauty without harm.  That means no harm to your health, animals or the planet. 

Irene has spent 20 years in product management, marketing, pricing and partnership roles in large telco, tech and banking.






  • Irene got into her skincare business after realising that even something as commonly used as baby oil contains chemicals and looked at using olive oil as an alternative.
  • She and her husband decided to create their own Australian skincare line using Australian plants that are sustainably sourced in their ingredients and their packaging.
  • Irene’s skin care line excludes artificial colours, artificial fragrances, sulphates, parabens mineral oils or petrochemicals. The scents, and nourishing agents come from Australian essential oils.
  • Kadee Botanicals are clean cosmetic, cruelty-free, vegan products, toxin-free and free from harm.
  • Happiness is having about good health and people around you.
  • Irene’s routine is to start with a glass of water and have a look at the weather
  • The sound of children laughing, seeing the light switch on in peoples eyes as she teaches people and hearing good news are things that bring Irene joy.
  • Her last meal would include dark chocolate and any of her Grandmother’s cooking
  • Irene’s non-negotiable is spending time with their kids
  • Paying attention to words, actions and having awareness is the best thing people can do for their health.
  • The top people that have influenced and shaped Irene’s life have been her grandmother, people who have a resilient attitude
  • The things that make Irene laugh are spending time with her sisters and stand up comedy in Netflix.
  • Irene’s gratitude practice is involving that more as a family and listing three things they are grateful for.
  • Her theme song would be Titanium by Sia


  • Paulo Coehlo – The Alchemist


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